Yahoo aims to help brands in Southeast Asia create a dynamic and interactive storytelling experience with its new Yahoo Stories Ad solution. According to Yahoo, the mobile-web-first-solution brings together the popularity of social stories, the seamless browsing experience of interactive ads, and the power of programmatic advertising.

Through this, Yahoo said the new offering will be able to deliver rich and full-screen brand narratives in premium and trusted environments. Utilising a range of creative tools, brands and advertisers can then leverage synergistic capabilities to include a combination of static visuals and videos in different panels, delivering a more seamless storytelling experience on a larger scale and greater reach. For users, Yahoo Stories Ad enables them to interact and rewatch content with left and right navigation clicks. 

Additionally, Yahoo Stories Ad is touted to have taken advantage of smartphone features that appeal to consumers, providing advertisers with greater flexibility to tailor audience journeys toward consideration and response. Advertisers can directly integrate CTA buttons into Yahoo Stories Ad that bring users to brand and eCommerce websites, booking engines, maps, coupons, discount codes, or shopping carts for consumer action. 

Yahoo added that stories are one of the fastest-growing formats to engage audiences, with over one billion users daily exposed to the format across social media platforms. As of now, Yahoo Stories Ad is available in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Yahoo's spokesperson told MARKETING-INTERACTIVE : "Early brand adopters of the Yahoo Stories Ad include DBS, and we look forward to working with more brands and agencies and take everything we do to the next level and drive even greater growth, innovation, and scale."

“Yahoo Stories Ad is a self-contained brand experience formatted for action. With the ability to customise functionality and provide an elegant and highly visual framework within premium environments, Yahoo’s latest native format will enable brands to focus on ad performance," Carol Tay, senior director sales Southeast Asia, Yahoo explained. Tay added that the new format will also allow brands to build brand image and awareness through experiences that consumers know, want and love. 

Yahoo is not the only brand which has capitalised on short-form content to the ad front. For instance, Google has been experimenting with ads in YouTube Shorts since last year, and has been rolling out YouTube Shorts Ad since May. Brands could show their product images to users watching short-form content, inspiring potential customers on YouTube Search. Google said then that this was a key step on its road to developing a long-term Shorts monetisation solution for its creators and brands. 

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