Three Malaysian brands have been ranked among the top 10 improvers under YouGov's Best Buzz Rankings 2021 in Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines came in second, with its buzz ranking score increasing 5.2 to 29.0 this year while Perodua has ranked fifth with 39.1 points, a 4.0 jump. AirAsia also made the list at sixth with a 4.0 increase in score to 30.4.

Meanwhile, the iPad brand saw the most improvement in terms of buzz rankings, coming in first at 20.2 with a 5.6 change in score. YouGov Brand Index measures the public's perception of brands on a daily basis across a range of measures. The annual rankings are compiled using Buzz scores from across all 52 weeks of 2021. Buzz scores measure whether people have heard anything good or bad about a brand during the previous two weeks.

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On the other hand, Shopee has once again been ranked the most talked about brand in Malaysia, topping the charts with a score of 71.5. Shopee continues its winning streak from 2020 and 2019. Coming in second was Milo (50.6), McDonald's (48.4%), YouTube (48.2) and KFC (45.7). Rival Lazada came in sixth with 42.6 points. No Malaysian brands made the top 10 Best Buzz Rankings 2021 list in Malaysia.

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Shopee Malaysia is known to have an active presence on social media, producing relatable content such as memes and funny videos to draw consumers. To further ride on the eCommerce wave and increase brand awareness, Shopee will be launching a new shopping event on 15 March. It will also roll out four new Shopee Premium regional campaigns to help premium brands cater to the increasing demand for premium and luxury products online.

At the same time, the eCommerce platform is also upgrading its suite of shopper engagement features to deliver more immersive, personalised, and entertaining experience, as well as expanding its suite of marketing solutions and tools to optimise marketing impact and returns for businesses.

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