eCommerce platforms and financial brands performed well when it came to public perception in 2019, as HKTVmall topped YouGov's annual BrandIndex Buzz Rankings in Hong Kong for the first time.

HKTVmall has a score of 31.4, leading all other brands in Hong Kong. Rewards and cashback programmes Octopus Rewards and MoneyBack came in second (26.2), and third (24.4) respectively.

The annual rankings are compiled using "buzz scores" taken from every week of the last year. Buzz scores measure whether people have heard anything good or bad about a brand during the previous two weeks. YouGov's BrandIndex also measures the public’s perception of brands on a daily basis across a range of measures.


Digital brands have also performed well in the top 10 list. Instant messaging platform WhatsApp ranks fourth (24.2) and tech conglomerate Google is in joint fifth with its owned video-sharing platform YouTube (21.8).

Other bands in the list include Japanese retailer Uniqlo, which ranks seventh with a score of 21.7, and insurance provider AIA in joint ninth with sports retailer Nike (19.7).

As for the multinational financial services brands, VISA ranked in eighth (20.6) place.

“Measuring buzz is one of the best indicators of brand health, and that a brand is performing well, and this year HKTVmall has really shone through and emerged at the top. Their viral marketing campaigns have clearly succeeded in getting Hongkongers talking about it, which is advantageous in a growing eCommerce landscape," said Ervin Ha, head of data products of YouGov.

Lastly, YouGov has also unveiled the brands with the most improved buzz scores. Facebook has improved the most, rising by 8.0 points. The tech giant is followed by personal care brand Mannings (up 5.0 points) and subscription video streaming service Netflix (up 4.7 points).

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