Market research and data analytics company YouGov has announced Laura Robbie as CEO of the Asia Pacific region. In her new role, she will be leading the strategic direction and the rapid expansion of the region across the APAC, including offices across Australia and Singapore, HK, China, Indonesia and Thailand. 

Prior to her redesignation, Robbie was responsible for leading double-digit growth of the YouGov Australia business over three consecutive years, following the successful acquisition of Galaxy Research in 2017.

Laura has more than 20 years of international experience managing data and insights teams with a proven track record of commercial success, growing key client sectors, scaling teams internationally and spearheading digital product innovation.

Robbie moved to Australia in 2008, prior to which she worked in international market research companies in Europe and the US. Since moving to Australia, she has also worked extensively across India and the APAC, including China and Japan. 

Commenting on her focus areas in the new role, she said, “One of the key areas I will focus on in this role is to build on the strong foundations we have in place to grow a regional team that transcends our geographical borders.  We have so much talent in the region and the ability to service clients globally and regionally, whilst maintaining the best what makes each market unique. I think empowering our people to showcase their skills will drive momentum to power our ambitious growth plans and to increase our brand awareness of YouGov in Asia Pacific.”

Robbie (pictured) added that working in data analytics and research is all about understanding people.

"I am intensely interested in people, in understanding people and in bringing the human aspect to business. […] Ultimately, our work is about people – our team, our panellists, our clients. If we look after our people, we prioritise and we focus well, the success will follow," she added.

According to the company, Robbie is also passionate about making YouGov’s work meaningful and in a world where “corporate social responsibility” can sometimes seem like a checklist item, Robbie has already taken the first step in replacing the company’s social event committee with a “social good” committee. 

“It won’t always be fun living in the shadows of COVID-19 and facing the realities our current economic climate, but we can do good and that can bring us joy and satisfaction,” she said. “Also, our teams want more from a company culture than a party scene these days. Coming together to give back is a much more powerful equation.”

Julien Chevignon, YouGov CEO Western Europe said: “Robbie has been instrumental in consolidating and growing our business in Australia, as well as a key leader in my management team in APAC in the past few years. We very much look forward to her continuing the outstanding contribution she has made to the company thus far and we feel sure YouGov will thrive in the region under her leadership.”

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