Events or pop-up stores have always been key pillars for beauty brands to engage with consumers, however, this kind of experience often draws a massive crowd of people, resulting in a long queue just to get into a store to try out products.

YSL Beauté looks to be a game changer by personalising the whole consumer journey with facial recognition technology with Tencent and Mindshare for the launch of its new perfume Mon Paris Couture this month in Hong Kong.

The luxury makeup brand has teamed up with Mindshare and Tencent’s WeChat for a tailor-made solution to shorten the queue in a bid to maximise the hype in the Mon Paris Couture event. It leverages facial recognition technology in a WeChat mini programme – a beauty-category-first attempt for a personalised shopping journey using the technology in Hong Kong.

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From 23 to 29 April, consumers can visit YSL’s pop-up store at Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui to create their very own personalised and engraved perfume. To avoid a long waiting line that happened in the past, a ‘Mon Paris ID’ is created for each of the participant that could be used prior and during the event for a different personalised shopping experience.

Prior to the event, participants can upload their pictures as their own ‘Mon Paris ID’ through moment ads on WeChat, linked to YSL Beauté’s mini programme for both WeChat and Weixin users, or an HTML5 page for local digital users. Consumers can also choose to engrave their name on bottles to make customised perfume.

Powered by facial recognition technology of Tencent Cloud solution, customers can stand in front of an interactive panel for facial verification. Once verified, the system will automatically arrange, create and engrave the perfume bottles on the spot in seconds.

Niki Lo, brand general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, said, “We are very proud to collaborate with WeChat and Tencent Cloud, to introduce the first one-stop beauty service integrating facial recognition technology in Hong Kong – a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that surpasses traditional shopping model. Putting the consumers as the central focus, innovates beyond the product with a revolutionary-engaging consumer experience. As easy as one-two-three, customers are ready to fall in love with their one-and-only Mon Paris fragrance.”

“Working hand-in-hand with client and technology partner for this pioneer project is a valuable learning experience to all of us. We thoroughly understand the importance of addressing consumer needs for any marketing campaign, and we’re glad all three parties share the same vision and heading to the right direction,” said Ivy Au, partner – client leadership of Mindshare Hong Kong.

“Our cloud-enabled image recognition technology empowers a personalised experience for consumers in Hong Kong where consumers can redeem the products of their choice without hassle,” said Norman Tam, general manager, international business group, Tencent.

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