Fresh off of the release of their first physical card , Hong Kong virtual bank ZA Bank has expanded its offerings with a new mobile game, ZA Quest.

Available on the ZA Bank app, ZA Quest adds a creative and innovative twist to banking, inviting users to accept quests and earn rewards inside the game's environment. While users won't be slaying any dragons (for now), tasks such as "Turn on Push Notifications" and "Verify Email Address" will optimise their banking experience while also educating them about ZA Bank's product and service offerings.

Upon completion of each quest, users will receive a "ZA Capsule" with a randomly assigned reward (up to HKD 2,000) in the form of ZA Coins, which can be redeemed for cash. The more difficult the quest, the higher chance a user has to receive a bigger reward. 

At launch, ZA Quest is decked out in a Christmas theme with a seasonal interface, which will change over time. New quests will also be added in the future, giving users a reason to continue playing ZA Quest for entertainment and rewards. 

"Banking should not be a dull experience in the digital era, even with just a simple function. We are dedicated to being the ‘game changer’ and creating a different banking experience that no longer lacks interactions. The human-like cartoon characters and ‘gamified’ features can hopefully give a personal touch to banking services. Meanwhile we seek to enhance user education through ZA Quest, encouraging users to share virtual banks’ innovative offerings with friends," said Calvin Ng, co-head of retail banking for ZA Bank.

“Going forward ‘gamification’ will become part of our standard product features. We also plan to make ZA Quest a personalised function where the quests will be designed based on a user’s unique habits.”

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